Hi! This is happening?

No, seriously. I am doing this?

I’m a pretty private person by nature. I like my friends, my family and my life but don’t really like sharing much with others.

So why am I starting a blog? Mainly because I get so much happiness out of travelling when we are a family on the road. We are very fortunate in that we travel a lot. A lot. I feel like I regularly hear people comment about how crazy it is to travel with kids and how they can’t believe my husband and I do the trips that we do with them. I almost always state what has always been clear to us:

“When we decided to have kids, we told ourselves we weren’t going to give up on our life. We love to get away. Near and far. Taking our kids just makes it that much more fun (most of the time).”  

Are there stressful moments travelling with added appendages* (read: kids)? Yes.

Are the logistics a little* (read: a lot) more challenging bringing two under 3 along with us? Yes.

Is it when we are at our best as a family? Yes. Yes. Yes.

This blog/instagram/facebook/whatever it morphs into will be a learning curve for me and for my family and I hope you are patient with me and continue on the journey. But if you stop here – please do me a favour. Explore the world. Say yes to last minute adventures even if they are 10 kilometres down the road. You won’t regret it.


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