Second child. Comes with so many stigmas. When we used to travel with G (baby #1) we would bring everything under the sun. I had so much anxiety about being in an apocalyptic situation with my infant and needing that one specific item in order to keep us both alive. Fast forward to dealing with G as a toddler and now H as an infant I barely think about what he needs. It just seems so simple. Eat. Sleep. Poop.

He is at that perfect age. 4 months old is young enough to be satisfied with one toy for long periods of time and his needs are relatively straight forward. When I travelled with G at this age I was so worried about how hard it was. Now I LOVE travelling with an infant. They are so relaxed. Schedule is pretty flexible still. Time change isn’t a big deal and they are so happy if they just get to be held and cuddled. Bliss.

It isn’t ALL sunshine and rainbows though. In order to make it as storm-free as possible, here is what I need when flying with my littlest.

  1. Bottles + Formula. We weened Harrison from breastfeeding a few weeks ago. He was never great at it as he was in the NICU for a month after he was born. He drank almost only breast milk but typically through a feeding tube or bottle so that’s his comfort zone. TBH, I am over pumping multiple times a day. It was getting really arduous and I felt he was at a stage where he was able to do just fine with formula. We like Enfamil (we used it for G too). When i traveled with my first I would pack pre-portioned formula dispensers and sterilized water pre-measured out in bottles. Now, I utilize the super convenient Enfamil to-go powder and my small Avent bottles. They take up less room. For one feed I typically have Harrison drain it and then fill it up and repeat so I get two feeds out of one bottle (only if he is drinking it all at once). Usually I pack enough for 24 hours.
  2. One toy. Yup – that’s it. I bring Sophie the giraffe. I also wear a teething necklace that is cute and yet functional. But that will be covered in “TRAVELLING WITH MAMA – THE CARRY ON LIST”.
  3. Hydrasense. I use these handing little saline vials pre-during and post flight to keep his sinuses clear. I shoot saline up his nostrils and find it helps keep his sinuses from having congestion during the flight.
  4. Burp Cloth + Muslin Blanket. We like Carters for burp clothes they literally get softer and softer with every wash and we like Little Unicorn for their cute designs in muslin blankets but we also have a  lot of Aden and Anais and they are awesome too.
  5. Diapers + Penaten. You never know when a diaper rash related to heat, teething or just long travel days may hit. I use a lot of diaper cream when we travel just to be safe. I also ALWAYS change both boys before a flight. Something about the pressure change on take off that sometimes causes a bit of an “issue” so best to start with a clean slate.
  6. Change of clothes. Usually at least one for every 3 hours on board. I also usually select ones with feet just as planes are so gross and I don’t like my baby’s feet touching everything. Weird. I know.

Hope this helps! I will follow ups with what is in MY bag next!


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