Ok, so now you know what my kids are allotted for their carry on (which I carry – let’s not kid ourselves). Let’s dig a little deeper into  what I bring on to a flight to survive with a toddler and an infant (and a hubs!).

The first thing I had to do when we went from one little to two was I had to give up my opposition to backpacks. I used to think backpacks were only appropriate when carrying a valid student card but lately they have come back in style and frankly they are SO useful with a free roaming toddler and a baby who wants to be held. I located a really cute one from Tumi that has a bunch of pockets to keep things separate and quick to find. It’s light, the material is wipeable and it isn’t your standard backpack. It is a stylish purse you wear on your back.

What’s in it?

  1. Diapers+Wipes+Penaten. All in an easy grab pre-loaded ziplock bag.
  2. Passports + wallet. 
  3. Teething necklace. If it isn’t around my neck. Stylish yet a functional for a bored baby.
  4. Tide to go pen. I am usually a food canvas meaning my kid likes to artistically decorate me with whatever he has been eating. This helps with the super obvious or the super risky stains in a pinch at the airport. Let’s be serious, I usually have spit up all down one side of me which is unfixable.
  5. Infant Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol. When I know one of my kids is “off” I give a dose. You never know when a tooth will be coming in or a fever will come along. Worth carrying always. I always put these in ziplock baggies. You can pull them out at security quickly so they can scan them if necessary. Also helpful if there are leaks.
  6. BioSteel powder and E-mergenC Vitamin C supplement. If I feel run down I grab a bottle of water and have one of these for a burst of energy and to give my immune system a boost.
  7. A book. Because the one time you don’t bother bringing one is the time both kids will sleep the whole flight and you’ll be wired and unable to sleep. It happens EVERY.TIME.
  8. Hand sanitizer. For everything.
  9. Dry Shampoo. Does anyone else’s hair get crazy greasy on flights? The small can from Baptiste has always been allowed through security for me. Hope they don’t change that rule!

Hope you enjoyed this list. To be honest, the Mama bag is always the last to be packed. I often just throw stuff in and sometimes I find I have too much stuff. Leave lots of room in your carry on before you leave home. You’ll be shocked at how you accumulate stuff as you travel and it just ends up in your bag!


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