Recommendations to make re-integration into post-vacation life easier…from a mom who struggles with this.

I really struggle coming back to reality after a vacation. I don’t like how it makes me feel the final few days of my break (anxious) and the moment I walk in the door (overwhelmed). Over the years I have discovered some things that make me feel a bit more in control and more at ease when it comes back to “normal” life. Hope one or all of these help you with your family. Transition is hard on everyone.

  1. I have groceries delivered to my house the day I arrive home. That way I don’t worry about having to turn around and head back out to get a huge haul to restock the fridge. It also means that we will have fresh (healthy-ish) options when we get back from what is usually a time of indulgence. I order before I leave and feel so organized when I come back and literally just have to answer the door when they arrive.
  2. Often, if I can schedule it, I will get my car serviced while I am gone. I literally just dropped off my car at the dealership now. I told them that they can have the car the duration of the trip but if they are done sooner they can valet it to my house for a small fee and put the keys in the mailbox. Easy peasy. They will email me a quote and I can call with my credit card info to confirm work to be completed.
  3. I clean the beds and make them so we can come home and just dive right in. It seems like a small thing but it is the best thing to come home to a clean house and a bed that looks inviting.
  4. I schedule a bunch of stuff/appointments and errands before I leave for us to do as soon as we get back. That way I don’t feel like I need to get on the phone the second we land and try to salvage my week. I know the plan ahead of time and all I have to do is execute. I don’t like being behind and disorganized to start the week. I usually include at least one or two fitness classes the first day or two back to get me back into the routine.
  5. I put two big bottles of water in the fridge to chug the moment we get home. Planes are WAY more dehydrating than we realize and I notice a huge difference when I am not fully hydrated in my energy. I also find the habit of drinking water is one that makes me feel accomplished, positive and like I’m being a productive human (crazy, I know).

On this trip I didn’t do these things but sometimes I also:

  1. Get the windows and eaves cleaned (you don’t need to be at the house for that and it feels great to come home to that task done).
  2. Have cleaners come in and do a thorough clean of the house (and or steam clean the furniture/ducts/etc). I only do this if someone I know is willing to come and be here while it happens. Thanks MOM!
  3. I clean up my entire inbox so I come back to a minimal amount of clutter to deal with. Didn’t get to that this time…maybe on the plane!

Happy travelling (that’s obvious). In relation to this post, happy re-entry into society!


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