It’s been awhile – some thoughts on my absence.

So, I’ve been absent from the blogspere. I keep procrastinating. I took a break from instagram for a bit (where I share the majority of our travel tips/memories) as I felt like it was becoming something different from that I wanted originally. I was becoming consumed by it and I didn’t like that feeling.

After reflecting, I realized I still get something out of the ‘gram and like what it does for our family. It helps freeze time and moments I don’t want to forget and reminds me of all that we have done. It also has provided a creative outlet for me. I’ve learned new things (presets, filters, lightroom, etc). It has allowed me to document my tips/tricks and help others get over the fear of travelling (or at least I hope it encourages people). So, I landed back here and decided I’d keep it up. But if I’m not blogging, what am I really doing? There is so much more to our travel then the pictures. If I truly want a rolling memory book for my family, I likely need to get back to the blog to provide full context.

So, here it goes. Not promising I won’t procrastinate again but I’m in it for today (or the next hour or two). My plan is to bang out a few blogs and delay post them. Seems a little more doable than sitting down everyday. Plus, I find that once I get writing it is easier to get a bunch done at once.

I hope you get something out of this. If you do, please let me know. Sometimes a girl needs a little encouragement.